30.07.2019, 13:03 | Af: | Foto: FC Midtjylland

Tab og Vind indstillet til international pris

FCM Samfund og ”Tab og Vind” er nomineret til EFDN’s More than Football Award 2019. Vinderen findes blandt ti projekter på Camp Nou i Barcelona til november. Læs pressemeddelelsen her

This year will see the first More than Football Award ceremony at the 13th EFDN Conference, hosted at Camp Nou, Barcelona on the 19th and 20th of November 2019. From an array of high-quality submissions for the award, FC Midtjylland’s “Lose and win” is one of 10 projects that have been selected for the initial long list. 

“Lose and win” is a weight loss programme for men and women that goes beyond only weight loss, aiming to facilitate social inclusion. To deliver the 12 week-project, FC Midtjylland collaborates with 136 cooperative clubs and 5,000 volunteers spread over 10 municipalities. The programme offers various training sessions and workshops about healthy nutrition. Each team in the respective clubs/cities that decide to participate, consists of 20-30 men/women. They are not necessarily all members of that club, but people from the community who wants to become more active and/or lose weight.

Well-being and togetherness
The Club itself, have strong values and are much more than a football club. The club truly believes that sport unifies despite culture, language and social status. Through its Community Trust, FCM Samfund, FC Midtjylland cultivates and celebrates unity and wants to create well-being and togetherness. It is their very clear goal to create an increased quality of life by helping and moving people to reach their life goals. The club uses togetherness to strengthen social cohesion and create well-being. History shows that togetherness can move mountains and for FC Midtjylland it’s about reaching out and making a difference for people in their region. FC Midtjylland acknowledges the importance of the interaction between volunteers, social associations, local and regional companies and the local authorities.

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